A Cutting-Edge Partnership! PMD Announces Alliance with Groundbreaking New Data Provider

By Angela Starke

Since our founding in the 1990s, clients have turned to PMD Advisory Services time and time again for answers, insights, and strategic solutions in the senior living industry. Throughout our more than three-decade history, we have remained committed to bringing you the most complete and reliable package of market research tools available and today, we take pride in being one of the premier providers of senior market intelligence in the U.S. We continually look for areas of innovation, too, while often refining and enhancing the way we deliver information to you. And we haven’t stopped! As demographics and markets have changed, we’ve also evolved and on that note, PMD is proud to announce our strategic partnership with data provider StratoDem Analytics.

With StratoDem’s pioneering approach to data science and PMD’s deep knowledge of the senior living market, our partnership has led to the development of a groundbreaking new senior living data system, allowing us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date senior market intelligence at an even more granular level. “The data we’re providing clients today is richer than a year ago and a big part of that is StratoDem and what it brings to the table,” notes PMD’s Monica Morgal, Vice President Demographic Research.


PMD-StratoDem Partnership

As our users know, with our proprietary methodology in place, PMD’s time-trusted Senior Market Profile (SMP) report pulls the latest demographic, economic, and need-based (i.e., ADL) data from our in-house database, further packaging them into a concise and comprehensive overview of the senior population at a local market area level. Until now, many of the third-party data feeds we relied upon for the SMP were updated just once a year. But StratoDem has allowed us to make advancements, such that the data in our SMP reports are even more current today. And they are more granular, too, such that many variables, formerly limited to larger geographies, are now available at a hyper-local level.


StratoDem, founded in 2015, uses a refreshing new approach to data science. More specifically, it relies on economic and demographic data from more than 200 government feeds and with its exclusive collection of models, algorithms, and probabilistic techniques in place, it produces real-time updates on an unprecedented number of variables, while also extrapolating those down to some of the smallest geographies. As noted by StratoDem co-founder Michael Clawar, all incoming datasets influence others, with many providing descriptive information for some of the less common variables. With a methodology grounded in this understanding and a massive pipeline of data, StratoDem’s model uses newly released data points to interpret and determine current values for variables that would otherwise be out-of-date. The result is one of the most comprehensive and predictive packages of data available. StratoDem’s estimates are highly accurate, too! And taking it further, PMD and StratoDem have partnered to tailor that information to the senior living industry.


What it Means for YOU, our Clients!


Our PMD-StratoDem partnership means that the data we bring to you are more current AND more granular. Says StratoDem’s Clawar, ‘We’re providing local market dynamics about a year before everyone else at a much more accurate and local level than previously was possible.” With StratoDem’s ongoing data updates and ability to produce reliable estimates of variables that, until now, were seldom released, PMD is able to refresh its database several times per year, without the need to wait for annual deliveries from other sources. And with its exclusive methodology, StratoDem is able to produce an unprecedented number of variables at a hyper-local level. Layer that into PMD’s knowledge of the senior living market and the advantage is clear.


Are you considering options to build a new CCRC, expand a memory care wing, or add assisted living units? Well, your competitors may be considering those options, too. Yet, while they may be basing their decisions on facts and figures that are not only stale, but also incomplete for the smaller geographies, our clients are relying on recommendations grounded in the latest and most complete information available. Having the upper hand in market knowledge is a critical component of project success and with the PMD-StratoDem partnership in place, we are able to deliver an even more sophisticated package of senior market intelligence, giving YOU a competitive advantage in the industry.


To inquire further about our new partnership and what it can do for your senior living portfolio, we’d be happy to show you! Simply contact Monica Morgal, Vice President Demographic Research, at 513-729-8122 or monica.morgal@pmdas.com.

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Our Clients

After three decades in the industry, we've heard some familar refrains from our clients. We form a partnership with our clients with a commitment to the integrity of the data and each project's success. Here's more of what our clients have to say about PMD Advisory Services.

The team at PMD were wonderful to work with. Their scientific approach provided us with a great deal of data and information to help inform our development efforts for years to come. I highly recommend their services to those looking to better understand their market.
Joe Ewert Brewster
PMD Advisory Services is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and responsive. They spend time to understand our needs and market to help guide our business decisions.
Joel Anderson Village On The Isle
We have had the pleasure of working with Michael Starke and the entire PMD team for almost five years now. We have used other providers in the space, but none has ever understood the Omega Communities business model as well as Michael. The advice PMD provides goes well beyond cold statistical data. They provide genuine insight into the compatibility of our model and a prospective opportunity. More importantly, they are never afraid to stand up and say when a deal doesn't appear to fit. Their services are invaluable to us.
Jimmy Taylor Omega Communities
Our experience with PMD has been exceptional. They are knowledgeable about the Senior Housing market, yet they listen and understand the uniqueness each community has. They become part of the team with their collaborative approach. They are accessible and deliver when they say they are going to deliver. A professional organization with a delightful human approach.
Maggie Stark Kendal at Oberlin
PMD's objective approach to market research provided our organization with valuable information which enabled us to make an informed decision regarding future campus development and expansion.
Brian Barnes Blakeford
PMD has done several studies for us and each one has been useful, professional, informative and complete. Their work has been an absolute necessity for our future planning. I’d like to single out Maryann Timon for special praise. As our CFO of 20 years put it, ‘she has been the single best consultant that has ever walked thru our front door’. She has brought exceptional organizational skills to the tasks we asked her to do, has been thorough and insightful as well as a pleasure to work with. I wish I could hire her to work with us on a full-time basis.
McCain McMurray Board Chair, Andrus on Hudson
PMD supported our strategic planning efforts with a particular focus on market demand and consumer input regarding senior living options.    Their Market Feasibility Analysis and Consumer Research Study provided us with the qualitative and quantitative market information necessary to support our strategic planning initiatives. Their market research was instrumental in educating our Board regarding specific market issues and consumer expectations.  PMD consultants were professional,  responsive to our needs, and a pleasure to work with.
Michael A. O'Brien President and CEO, Duncaster Lifecare Community
From my first conversation with PMD Advisory Services through delivery and presentation of their research, PMD’s professionalism and thoroughness was top-notch. I could not be happier with the work that PMD's team delivered.
Adam Freedman Principal, JKM Developers
PMD has been a valuable resource for Emerald Communities throughout the growth of our Emerald Heights campus. They've also helped us explore other opportunities to expand our mission. It’s been a great working relationship, with outcomes that prove their expertise.
Kay Wallin VP-Marketing & Public Relations, Emerald Communities
I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Starke and PMD Advisory Services on several different projects in two different organizations. Their work is thorough, thoughtful, incisive, and extremely helpful. From the research itself through the reporting and presentation to both board and management staff, PMD’s work has been on time and on target. I would not undertake a major project without their involvement. I am happy to recommend them to my colleagues.
Carol Silver Elliot President & CEO, The Jewish Home Family
The folks at PMD are professional and accommodating. Above all else, it's a pleasure to work with them. I look forward to a rich and collaborative partnership with them for years to come.
Ben Cantrell Chief Financial Officer, Seniority, Inc.
PMD Advisory Services has provided great service to our organization. The statistical data they deliver has been an invaluable part of our decision-making process. The market insights we've gained from their consumer research have been "the icing on the cake."
John C. Frye, Jr. Director of Business Development, Lutheran Services Carolinas
PMD always delivers their recommendations with the bigger perspective in mind.  They don’t just tell you what you what they think you want to hear, but instead provide honest, straightforward feedback and recommendations on what the data shows is feasible for a community’s success.  I never want a firm to overstate a market and PMD never does that.
Jay Hibbard Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing, & Communications, Covenant Retirement Communities
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